Winters have arrived and started to replace our summer wardrobe with jackets and sweat tops. So here I am back with this post to discuss about some Trendy Clothes for Women to get this winter.

In the winter staying warm and looking cute are on the opposite sides of the fashion spectrum. But just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t look as stylish as you did in summers.

You can have same fun getting dressed during winters as well. Using layers in your clothing this winter can keep you warm and stylish all season long.

Here are 10 trendy clothes for women that may help you look stylish and trendy this winter season


As with the case with “winter fashion”, most people prefer to wear neutral colors like blacks, grey’s, browns, navy blues and whites. All of this has changed gradually and people have started to experiment their winter clothing with brighter hues like neon orange, yellow, electric blue, red etc. the color blocking trend is still hot for winters so make sure you use it this time in your winter clothing. Start by finding fun colors and instead of using a lot of colorful pieces in one outfit, try to match pieces from single color palette. This way no matter what color you wear, you still manage to look trendy and fashionable.

10 trendy clothes for women
Trendy Clothes for Women


Sweatshirts have become a basic component of wardrobe for everyone. They are generally used as a winter wear. They are basically loose shirt or t-shirt made from cotton or some synthetic fiber that makes it extremely comfortable to wear. Earlier it was used only by army men during chilly and moist weather. Sweatshirts can be sporty, light and warm all at the same time and they are super comfortable for chilled weather. They have several unique features that make it so popular among men and women of all ages. It has 25-50% stretch ability and can be worn as an alternative to jackets as they have similar features like deep pockets and cuffs.

trendy clothes for women
Trendy Clothes for Women


Cardigans are a must have for all women. They come in all shapes, sizes and prints but not all are created in similar way. Some are suitable for certain body types and others are suitable for certain body types. Wearing the right type of cardigan according to your body type is very important or else you may end up looking wide.

trendy clothes for women
Trendy Clothes for Women

Let’s talk about the do’s and don’ts of cardigans

  1. For the waist length cardigans, don’t wear them with a long top. The contrast in length is not flattening but it creates a weird shape on your body. You may wear them with fit and flared dress. The hem of the cardigan should not exceed more than a few inches past the waist band of your dress.
  2. Don’t wear oversized Aztec cardigans with lose lowers or boyfriend jeans. The wideness on top and bottom will make you look wide. Instead go for your skinniest pair of jeans or jeggings with the lose cardigans.
  3. Don’t wear the boyfriend cardigans with long skirts or dresses. The long length of the cardigan doesn’t go with them. Wear it with jeans or shorts. These cardigans go with anything as long as your bottoms are fitted and slim.

Sweater Dress

Nothing is better than a comfortable dress that can keep you warm and make you look stylish in this chilly weather. Add a comfortable sweater dress in your wardrobe this winter season to turn some heads towards you. These dresses are capable of keeping you warm all through the day and there is no need of wearing a jacket or hoodie over it and adding an extra layer to your look. You may just wear a beautiful woolen scarf around the neck and get a complete fashionista look.

trendy clothes for women
Trendy Clothes for Women

Woolen Crop Top

The present fashion allows you to wear crop tops even in the chilly weather. So even if the temperature is dropping, it doesn’t mean you have to bid the crop top goodbye. You may still wear them. But not any crop top will work for winters. The trick is to seek for crop tops that are created out of heavy materials that help you to keep yourself warm. For going to work you may layer it over a crisp blouse. For outing with friends and family, wear it with high waist pants and jacket. And for party wear, you may wear it over a sexy slip-dress with a jacket.

trendy clothes for women
Trendy Clothes for Women


Other than keeping you warm, it can also serve color blocking purposes and achieve an aesthetic look. There a lot of ways in which you can style the turtleneck:

  1. You may wear it under a kimono style top with a wide belt on the waist.
  2. Also wear a statement neckpiece on a turtleneck to get the highlight on your garment.
  3. Try it wearing under an oversized jacket or a collared leather jacket.
  4. For a party look, add a statement bag and huge necklace with it.
  5. You may also add a solid turtleneck under a bright colored printed coat to let the colors stand out.
trendy clothes for women
Trendy Clothes for Women

Fur Coat

Fur coat is a very luxurious item that when worn in a proper way can look amazing on anyone. There are some rules that should be kept in mind while wearing fur jackets. It is very important to see that the fur is looking its best or you may end up looking like a furry beast. Compared to leather jackets, fur coats need a little more effort to style. But it’s good to spice up your style once in a while and throw pieces that are hard to pull off. You can wear it with tights or skinny jeans and boots.

trendy clothes for women
Trendy Clothes for Women


One can wear blazer with anything such as boyfriend denims, skinny jeans or pants, it looks trendy and flattering. It is very easy to carry and instantly transforms the look from super casual to casual-chic. Pair the outfit with any footwear of your choice; flats, heels, boots or sandals. You may also add a scarf to look even more stylish and keep yourself warm. Enjoy your day to day attire bright colored blazer to achieve a warm and relaxed atmosphere. For more feminine and girly look, you may opt for a blazer in pastel color and wear it with bright colored jeans or trousers to flatter the look.

trendy clothes for women blazer
Trendy Clothes for Women

Woolen Tunics

Be it summers or chilled winters, tunics are always in fashion and everyone should definitely give it a try. These are neither too short nor too long and extremely easy to carry. Wear these tunics with stocking and boots or heels to look gorgeous.

trendy clothes for women
Trendy Clothes for Women

Leather Jackets

The most common and easy way to style a leather jacket in winters is to wear it over knitwear. You may choose to layer thick and sleeveless sweater under it. The point is that anyone can get away with wearing a leather jacket. Leather jackets look good with anything and everything, whether you are wearing a floral dress or an all black ensemble. Pair your jacket with denims, statement neckpiece and pretty heels and you are all set to rock.

trendy clothes for women
Trendy Clothes for Women

These were some Trendy Clothes for Women for this winter with my tips which may help you getting trendy clothes this winter season and make you look more gorgeous even in this chilled weather.

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