Hey everyone!!! Welcome again to The Fashion Flame. As I had promised I will come back with a super duper styling idea, So here I am with Dressing Ideas for College Going Girl. The new sessions are going to start in colleges. At this sort of time every girl who is going to start her college life have a question in her mind that “How to dress for college classes” and is worried about choosing perfect college outfits. The answer to this question is not so difficult if you keep a few little things in your mind.

If you have just completed your schooling and going to start a whole new life in college then first of all you have to arrange your cupboard with a whole new style. Everyone wants to look their best in college and not to look like a high school girl neither like a mature one is a difficult task for most of them. So, if you are also going through this difficulty then this post is just for you. I am going to share my dressing ideas for college here.

Wardrobe Essentials

The very first thing to consider when you are going to change your wardrobe completely, to now the essentials for your wardrobe. These essential will depend on a few things like, seasons, latest trends, your body type, complexion and most importantly the norms and dress code of your college. Most of the colleges in India have some norms for dressing and styling for their students and some have the dress codes also so keep these regulations in your mind when you start shopping for your college and you don’t have to be worried as the market is fool of options for college girl outfits.

Tops and T – Shirts

Dressing Ideas for College Going Girl

Bring some nice colorful T – Shirts. You can try some tops with quotes written onto them. They look playful and compliment your youthfulness. Your collection of t – shirts and tops must contain  the combination of some casual funky loose t-shirts which can be paired up with any kind of bottoms like shorts, jeans, Capri pants, or anything and some decent formal tops which can be wear on some formal days also. Some tops for day outs and casual parties.


Dressing Ideas for College Going Girl

Different types of bottoms are some must have in your wardrobe.  There have to be some pair of denims in your closet. Some pair of jeans, shorts, skirts of different lengths (short, knee length, long skirts), colorful leggings, some rugged pants or cargos, Palazzos, trousers Sweatpants, Boyfriend jeans, carpenter pants and so many other options are there for you. These all will help you to look different everyday with a very less effort.

Something Ethnic

Dressing Ideas for College Going Girl

Some day you wake up with a mood to look different and grab some pleasant attentions then these are the days when you can try something Indian and ethenic. Wear a simple salwar suit with some thread work and nice stubble colors. There are a lots of designs which you can try and there are many options for the salwar also like patiyala, semi patiyala, churidar, dhoti salwar, Harem and many more. If you are not so comfortable with salwars you can try it with some leggings or cigarette pants also. Salwar suit in any form makes a girl look charming and cute.

Kurties and Tunics

Kurties are the best option for girls who are not so comfortable with salwar suits but want to try something Indian. There is a wide verity of Kurties for all body types and shapes. If your height is short you can go with short kurties and straight cut pants of jeans. If you are having a good height then you have to try long Kurties with leggings, these will look perfect on you. Tunics are also a great option for college as they are beautiful comfortable, versatile, charming and anything you wish.

Party wears and weekend outfits

Dressing Ideas for College Going Girl

Colleges are the place which combines studies and fun at the same time. In schools we get a very few occasions for these things but colleges are something different. Be ready to attend various parties and you have to be prepared for these parties and different outings by buying some nice party wears for yourself. We will talk about different types of party wear in details in another post.


Dressing Ideas for College Going Girl

There are a lots and lots of options for college going girls in accessories also. You can bring some funky or junk jewelry, some ethnics and also statement pieces. Don’t go with anything heavy as they won’t be comfortable for classes and won’t look good either. Some light weight, colorful pieces which reflects your energy will go great. You can never ignore the magic a beautiful trendy wristwatch creates to your style. Bold and big dials with chain is in trends right now and goes best with college outfits so, you must have to add some trendy and fashionable wrist watches in your list of accessories.


Dressing Ideas for College Going Girl

Handbags are something which can take any outfit to a whole different level. It can do the magic if you have a good dressing sense and a good choice. When you are buying handbags you have to keep in mind that your handbag has the looks and colors which can go with different outfits so that you won’t have to buy different handbag for every single outfit. Your handbag also has to be big enough to carry all your important stuffs. Over sized handbags are in trend also so you need not to worry about the fashion when you are buying these.


Shoes are another essential for your college life. You can find a wide verity in footwear also. Choose something trendy, in fashion as well as comfortable. You have to wear your footwear all day long and your days are going to be very busy and hectic so the comfort in your footwear is the most important thing. Flat sandals, sneakers, gladiators, ballet flats, career heels and some super comfy almost – slipper shoes are the best when you are heading to classes or library where as for parties you can try pumps, Stilettos, Wedged sandals high heels and many more.

Trendy College Bags

College bags are one of the most important thing for a college going girl. These can handle all your stuffs which will be needed in college. These are an important part of your college life and that’s why these have to as good as your overall look is. A bad choice of bag can ruin all your style in just a second. There is a lot of verity these bags you can buy in market.

Some Important Things

There are some important things about your styling to consider when you are heading to college. I have already discussed about the college norms and dress codes. The other considerable points are, always remember you are going for studies so dress up like that. Do not try things which will end up grabbing unwanted attentions. Be sporty, be bubbly, be charming, be trendy and fashionable but not overdo it otherwise it will spoil your look completely. Some other important points are listed below.


Always remember whatever you wear, should be comfortable. Yes your clothes and shoes and everything have to be trendy and fashionable choose them very carefully and do not compromise with their comfort because they are meant to be carried for a whole long hectic day so comfort is an essential for you.


When you are in college you will face change of environment. The classes can be overheated due to crowd and there can be cold outside it. You can face these types of situation at every step so layering is a good idea to deal with it. Bring some layers like a light stole or something like that in your bag.

Appropriate Dressing for All weathers

Bring appropriate clothes for all weathers. Like for summers light colors and fabrics like cotton are the best but when it’s winter you have to bring out some woolens, sweatshirts, cardigans and other full length outfits with the fabrics which can prevent cold. For more details about what to wear in winters or rainy days you can go through our previous posts.

Low Maintenance outfits

You won’t get so much time to maintain your clothes and you will use them very harshly also, so low maintenance of clothes will also be a measure when you are going to buy your outfits. Bring those clothes which are easily sustainable and don’t need any extra care.

These are some of my Dressing Ideas for College Going Girl clothing. If you have some views feel free for sharing them in the comment section. As I always say I love listening your feedbacks and queries which I get in the form of comments. My next post will come really soon till then take care and stay with us.

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