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So, tell me girls when you think about a flowy, comfortable and easy going dress for any occasion what comes first in your mind? Yes! I am talking about Maxi Dresses. However it is super comfortable and a good choice for every occasion, we always have an issue how to wear it so that you look more stylish and different every time you wear that same Maxi dress. So, in this post I have come with the answer to your question “Different Ways to Wear Maxi Dress”.

With these some easy styling ideas, you can pump up your simplest Maxi Dress to a stylish one.

7 Different Ways to Wear Maxi Dress

#1 A Maxi Dress with vest made out of a Dupatta

maxi dress with dupatta

My first look is a simple monochromatic Maxi dress which I have paired up with a vest made out of an embroidered dupatta. I am wearing a white maxi dress with which the bright pink dupatta is going perfectly. You can try any color of your choice for your dress and try mix and match with a contrasting dupatta. You don’t need to buy a new dupatta for it, just search your closet to find that traditional dupatta you had buried in, thinking it hasn’t any use in new trends, reuse that one and pairing it with some bangles make you ready for a semi traditional occasion.

#2 Maxi Dress with a net shrug made with Dupatta

maxi with net shrug

You can use a dupatta or a stole with lots of completely different ways. We will talk about it in details in some other post. If you are into modern look more than the traditional you can try this one. I have chosen a net dupatta and made a shrug out of it. Make sure the fabric of your dupatta falls smooth on your skin else it’ll make you uncomfortable. Pair it with a statement Perl bracelet and a pair of platform heels. This could be your best choice for a casual evening party with your friends.

#3 Maxi Dress with an oversize Denim Shirt

maxi with denim shirt

A denim is always enough to take an outfit to a different level. Trust me girls! We can never imagine how versatile denim can be. It goes with almost every outfit perfectly whether it is modern attire or a traditional one. So, a maxi dress with oversized denim shirt is worth giving a shot and you will appreciate my recommendation when you will get the compliments for your fashion sense. You can thank me later in the comment section. A pump heel and decent makeup will complete the look.

#4 With a check Shirt

maxi dress with check shirt

My next look is a maxi dress with a check shirt. This unusual combination makes you look completely different from the crowed but in an elegant way. I can assure you, no one can ignore your appearance and dressing sense with this combination. Try it out without any hesitation. I am pairing a check shirt with my long white maxi dress if you like other patterns you can go with them also. A long full sleeve shirt style cape will also do the magic. Choice is yours; you can try any of them. Don’t forget a leather bracelet and a matching long earring with it. Open hairs and stubble makeup will complete your look for a hangout with friends or a girl’s night out.

#5 With a front knot Shirt

maxi dress with knot shirt

This look is dedicated to those who love offbeat styles. A bright colored shirt with front knot can fulfill your desire and will add a fun element in your simple maxi dress by making it super funky and bubbly. This look is perfect for day outs as well as casual evening parties. A funky neckpiece will compliment your look. Balance your style with an ankle strap heels. A half bun or half pony hair style will go great with it.

#6 A Maxi Dress with Crop Top

maxi dress with crop top

If you have to go for a party and you are confused with the outfit then you must try this look. Wear your favorite maxi dress and pair it up with a crop top over it. This style will make you look different and even more stylish. You can steal the glamour of the party with just this little hack.  This can be a perfect substitute of an evening gown and will add an oomph factor to your style. Pair it with a perfect makeup, some offbeat jewelry, a beautiful hair style and a pair of high heels and that’s it, you are ready to rock the evening.

#7 Maxi Dress with a top worn under it

maxi dress with top worn

As we all know fashion repeats itself and this time it has come with an old style which I have tried in my last look for this article. A full sleeve top under your maxi dress can do the magic in your style. A bold print top (I have worn a leopard print) under your monochromatic maxi dress is enough for people to praise you. Open hairs, suitable makeup, a choker and pump shoes are the essentials for this style.

Some Points to Consider


Soft fabrics with good flairs are the best for a maxi dress; go with some flowy and airy stuff. Find a material which drapes well. I always recommend soft, light and easy going fabrics for any dress because comfort is as important as the style.

Prints, designs and colors

A maxi dress is way more versatile than we think it is. The market is full of different styles and prints of it with almost every color. Don’t choose large prints as it will make you look short and chubby. Small prints floral Maxi dresses are good for rainy season. Maxi Dress with sleeves is not a good idea as these are already a floor length dresses so full sleeve can ruin the entire look. You can try off shoulders, corsets or anything with short or no sleeves. I always suggest choosing your outfit considering the season and body type.


Never ever choose a maxi dress with a short length nor with an overly long one. The best length of a maxi dress is a little below the ankle which shows a bit of your heels or whatever footwear you are wearing.

Footwear and Accessories

You don’t have to worry much about your accessories and footwear. A maxi dress is for any occasion. Any footwear like stilettos, pump shoes, flip – flops, high or platform heels or anything else and jewelry whether a statement piece, some offbeat funky accessories, ethnics or any other style you like can go perfect with this dress as far as you consider the occasion.

These are some of my different ways to wear maxi dress. If you have some ideas about the same feel free to share it with us on the comment section. Your queries and suggestions are always welcome. We will come really soon to improve your styling with my ideas. Till then take care and stay tuned.

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